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Southport Engagement Sessions in Liverpool & Southport

So you wanna know what engagement sessions are? Engagement sessions allow you to get to know me, your wedding photographer. Also they are a great excuse to get out and about and have some great pictures of you both. Bring along anyone, family, kids, dogs, cats you name it bring them and let’s have some fun. The main aim is to break the ice and ease you into photography.

As your local Southport Wedding Photographer, I offer engagement photography as an added extra to my wedding photography packages. I would suggest to any shy couple this is a great shout before your big day. Plus you can use the images for your wedding if you want.

Why Ollie Gyte?

I have done this for ages now and know what works and what doesn’t. I am based in Southport and passionate about providing hassle-free wedding photography in a candid and unobtrusive style.

One of my favourite things is getting to know couples who choose me for their wedding, as I’m passionate about creating a relaxed and stress-free environment where you’ll hardly notice that I’m there. That’s, I believe, how you get the best engagement photos possible.

How Much Does an Engagement Photo Session Cost?

My engagement sessions come as an add-on to my wedding photography packages, and they make a worthwhile addition to your photography package.

With packages 2&3, you’ll get an engagement session included in your package price, meaning you won’t end up spending much more – and you’ll get some beautiful, candid engagement photos out of it (as well as a memorable experience!)

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