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Heaton House Farm, Macclesfield

Stephanie and Mark

Heaton House Farm in Cheshire, is the perfect setting for a truly special wedding day. Set within 165 acres of beautiful English countryside, the family-run farm boasts stunning views and a great for any wedding.

Stephanie got ready in the glamourous bridal preparation room within Heaton House. Everyone was in a fantastic mood, with plenty of music and laughter and even tears.

Before we knew it, it was time for the main event, the ceremony!   Mark and Stephanie both said their vows to each other before exchanging rings and sealing their marriage. Luckily we had a break in the weather so we jumped outside for some family group pictures just beating the rain.

Wedding breakfast!!!! The room was set out stunning with a horse racing theme, check out the images! Mark was a huge cricket and horse racing fan, hense the theme. Much to Marks surprise Stephanie stood up and decided to do a speech thanking everyone but mainly to give Mark his wedding present. Mark received a once in a lifetime trip to Australia to watch the Ashes.  As you can imagine he cried with joy. After the meal had finished I wisked the couple away for a couple of photo’s in and around the stunning grounds. Obviusly we had to do some cricket themed photos requested by Mark.

Then came the evening and what an evening was to come. As the night started to draw we headed back in for cake cutting, one amazing first dance and lots of partying! Oh and a mind blowing routine from Stepahnie and her Dad.

I wish you both all the happines in the world.

Thanks Ollie

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