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What is Candid Wedding Photography? Your Quick Guide

Candid wedding photography is a well-loved and increasingly popular way to capture real and organic moments on your wedding day.

As the ‘stand in a line on the steps and smile’ tradition slowly fades out fashion, a more relaxed and informal approach comes into style.

With candid photography, your photographer will act as a simple fly on the wall, but be composing and shooting mesmerizing photographs behind the scenes.

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Why Choose Candid Photography for Your Wedding?

Getting candid photos on your special day truly captures emotive moments between you and your loved ones. A great wedding photographer will stay subtle and you’ll likely forget they’re even there.
Usually the couple, along with their guests, will have little idea it’s even happening.
This form of wedding photography helps your precious photos look relaxed, natural and informal.
Weddings are becoming increasingly less formal and traditional, and more about those oh-so-human moments that we all want to remember.
I love candid shots because they just really portray the true emotion and rawness of the day (as well as those silly unscripted moments).
When you get your photos back, you’ll be able to cherish moments you didn’t even know were caught on camera, and could have even forgotten about.

Is Candid Photography the Future of Weddings?

I’ve been a photographer for long enough to know how to catch the loveliest and most memorizing moments on camera.

I can’t help but believe that Candid Photography will be the future. The candid style is so incredibly versatile. As wedding photographers, we can take candid portraits, pre ceremony photos, capture after-party shenanigans while keeping everyone relaxed and happy.

3 Tips for Candid Photos on Your Wedding Day

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  1. 1. Try to Forget About the Camera

You’ll definitely get the most out of your wedding photographer by just letting them do their thing.

They’ve likely done this countless times before. So, they will probably stress this to you, but the ideal way that they can capture the rawest, most high-quality canids for you, is if you completely forget that they’re there

  1. 2. Talk to Your Wedding Photographer

It’s important that your photographer takes steps to make you feel comfortable.

Getting to know the right wedding photographer for you is an important step in making sure you get the most out of your photos.

You’ll be dancing, crying (and of course getting married!) in front of them, and it’s our job to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible.

Ensure you leave plenty of time to book your photographer in order to build a relationship where you are able to communicate your styles and aesthetic goals that you wish to achieve.

  1. 3. Enjoy yourself!

One of the biggest things in today’s wedding trend is to keep it simple and have fun.

Something special to present your candid wedding shots is to get them beautifully framed in a bespoke photo album. This is something worth considering if you’d like to make your wedding photos all the more unique by choosing your own styles, colours, and materials.

New and original ideas win everyone’s hearts, and what could be more original than candid photography?

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