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“I HATE HAVING MY PHOTO TAKEN!” says about 90% of my clients.

This really is the usual thing that couples say to me. You won’t be shocked as you probably feel the same way. The idea of having to pose for a photo fills them with horror and dread. So having a camera pointed in your face for the majority of your wedding day probably doesn’t sound like a whole lot of fun.

Being worried around the camera is totally normal and most people are, you are not on your own, promise! You have planned this amazing day and why not photograph beautiful authentic moments that you’ll remember forever and rightly so. So how can you deal with camera shyness on your wedding day?

Do not worry team, I have your back! I am hear to ease your worries and assure you that the RIGHT photographer WILL make you feel super chilled and totally at ease! Here’s my top tips for feeling good and looking like a rockstar in your wedding photos!

Tip 1, No Posing Please! (ish)

Wedding portraits have to be totally posed and awkward right? WRONG!

When I take my lovely couples out for portraits, I like to think of it as a little break away from the madness of the day. Your chance to chill out, chat, catch up, and be like, OH MY GIDDY AUNT, We are married”. You can even have a little hug from me if you like, or no….

Let’s go for a walk and take some snaps as we go, the aim is for your photos to look as chilled and relaxed as possible and yea, I might pop you somewhere cool because it looks awesome and yea, it might be a pose but bloody hell I won’t tell you to lower your chin, hide your little finger. It will be creative, chilled and fun. I still want couples to chat, make each other laugh, I will try make you laugh but no cheesy “smile” or “look at each other like you just got married” shizzle.

Just good fun, relaxed pictures and for any photographer to tell you they dont pose, I think they are telling porky pies.

The aim is for your photos to look as natural and YOU as possible. Just fun and cuddles and a bit of a giggle.

I also keep it quick. Generally I’ll ask for about 15 minutes- I don’t want to steal you away from the party for too long! Oh  and I might just run up to you later on and drag you out for 5 minutes if the light is awesome. Trust me and go with it- I promise you it will be worth it!

Tip 2,Don’t look at me!

I am Medusa, I will turn you to stone. But distraction is key! Look at each other, have a chat, make stupid jokes, talk about dogs, make that weird face you do to each other. You can look at me if you really want but if you have the photo fear, you’ll feel way more comfortable if you pretend I don’t exist than awkwardly standing and staring down the barrel of the lens.

If you need a distraction/prop, like you have a dog or a child that you can bury your face in if things get a bit too much, have at it! (no offence intended by calling your dog/child a prop). We’re also going to do a lot of walking, so you’ll have to focus on not falling over too.

Tip 3, Move!

If you’re feeling a little awkward, I promise you, you will look back and see on you pictures, and nobody wants that.

My advice, get moving, walk, talk, mess around. You know each other better than I do. Wind each other up, make each other laugh, strike a daft pose- just move! You’ll have fun, feel much more natural and relaxed, and distract yourself from feeling awkward- and that joy will shine through in your photos! Also I will tell you if you look awkward, nothing but honesty from me, sorry team.

Liverpool Wedding Photographer

Tip 4, Keep it REAL!

If I am out and about photographing you lovely people, shooting family groups, capturing those lovely candid moments are my priority throughout the day. I am looking for those (as cheesy as this sounds) laughs, tears and everything in between bits. A big belly laugh from your nan, or a few tear from your Dad and even uncle knob head with his tie on his head thinking he can dance, that’s what I am looking for. Portraits are such a small part of the day so dont worry, no big pressure on either of you. Just be yourselves, live all the emotions of the day and dont worry about anything else.

Tip 5, Think about an Engagement Shoot

I am the worse sales person known to man, I am not upselling to you I promise. I do like a social life and my diary is very full already. However!

Engagement shoots are a good way to break the ice into portraits and getting to know each other. Engagement shoots normally take around a hour – much, much longer than your portraits on your wedding day so don’t worry! We head somewhere lovely and have a bit of a practice! You can get to know me, which in itself will be fun, promise. It’s all about testing the water and seeing what you like and dislike. What makes you feel icky or comfortable. If you think you would benefit from this, let me know and I promise my social life can be put on hold. I wana make you guys feel chilled for your big day plus I do love a good chat.

Bonus Tip! Choose a relaxed, creative Photographer (ahem… me?!)

So this is the big one… the most important tip… the key way to actually ENJOY having your photo taken on your wedding day: CHOOSE A DOCUMENTARY WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER! 

Documentary photographers, like me, capture the day in a totally relaxed and natural way with as little getting involved as possible. This means that I often get described as a bit of a photo-taking ninja, while I try to stay incognito during the wedding and blend in as much as possible. I capture the un-posed, natural shots, the laughter and the fun of the day in a totally authentic way . I capture a few (I recommend no more than 10) lovely relaxed group shots and actively encourage fun and personality!

This whole approach is much more chilled, and removes so much of the stress for the couple who hates photos-  theoretically you won’t even notice it’s happening! Read what some of my couples have to say below:  

“Ollie made my husband and I feel completely at ease

Chloe and Chris

Absolutely Amazing!

Wow, what can I say! It was an absolute pleasure working with Ollie from our engagement shoot all the way to our wedding day.

Nicola and Stephen

If none of this has helped, just drink the wedding prosecco till you don’t care anymore.

So- chill out, pick a photographer you trust, (hopefully that’s me!) and will work with you to make you feel at ease by creating relaxed natural images you’ll love. If you want to have a chat about your wedding photography, or an engagement shoot please feel free to give me a shout! I can’t wait to hear from you!