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I am Ollie, based in the seaside town of Southport but love to travel.   I am Pizza mad/dog mad, welly wearing, Dad of 3 (obvs 2 are dogs) and CrossFit fanatic . I am an utter photography legend who has the best job in the world. No doubt about it! 


  • I am absolutely belting at catching sweets in my mouth. Try me when we meet.
  • I am an outdoorsy kind of guy that loves nothing more than going away to the countryside for long walks with the family, to then retire to an old country pub. (This is starting to sound a little like a dating bio.)
  • My favourite pizza has to be a good old, Capricciosa (ham & mushroom, if you didn’t know) and have a weird thing about sticking anchovies on too, don’t judge me.
  • I’ve been described as a Ninja Photographer by countless couples and I love that! It does pretty much sum up how I work. Except I don’t hang from walls and jump really high!

The Boys (Bosses)

Why should your wedding photos be awkward? When your wedding day will be anything but?

“Hey everyone, come and see how good I look!”

I get what it is like having a camera in your face. Thats why I am here, I am the guy that can help put you at ease for your wedding photography. From start to finish, let’s keep the process chilled. 

Things you won’t do on your wedding day with me:

❌ Spend hours away from your guests.

❌  I will not make you gaze into each others eyes.

❌ I won’t kill the vibe.

❌ I will not boss you or your guest around.


Things I will do:

✅ Capture the day as naturally as possible.

✅ Take group photos but make them quick and fun.

✅ Portraits will be fun and no more than 15/20mins.

✅ I will keep to the natural flow of the day, making sure you don’t have to pose and kill the vibe every 23 seconds.

✅ Be a photographer that is like a friend and you can approach with any concerns.

Lets keep the day chilled! My priority is to make sure when you look back at your photos you are smiling from ear to ear. 


Trust me – I only need a few mins to capture some really cool portraits. That way, you get loads more time with your guests and to enjoy all the bits you have paid for on your wedding day. You probably don’t wanna spend loads of time with me on your big day… (well you might. My mum says I am pretty cool.)

Liverpool Wedding Photographer

you're the best!

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